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Underboard Craft Beer Name Generator

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Underboard Beer Name Generator

This is a list of the craft beers currently available at Underboard - Updated on Friday 28/9/2018. 

Name What Is It? Brewery Size ABV% Vegan? Gluten Free (G)
Cristal Hoppige Pils Belgian Lager Alken 33cl 5.0%
Juice Springsteen Tropical IPA Alphabet Brewing Co. 33cl 4.5%
Rocketman IPA Arbor Ales 56.8cl 6.0%
Neck Oil Session IPA Beavertown 33cl 4.3% (V)
Bloody El Blood orange IPA Beavertown 33cl 7.2% (V)
Heavy Lord Imperial aged stout Beavertown 37.5cl 14.5%
Metamorph IPA Tempus IPA Beavertown 37.5cl 6.8%
Smog Rocket Smoked Porter Beavertown 33cl 5.4% (V)
Dame Melba Phantom Peach & Raspberry Berliner Weisse Beavertown 33cl 4.8% (V)
Sapling IPA Beavertown 33cl 7.1% (V)
Mango Milk Power Breakfast Breakfast Smoothie IIPA Beavertown 33cl 8.3%%
Brattish pale Belgian Pale Beavertown X De La Senne 33cl 6.5% (V)
Black IPA Warwick Black IPA Church Farm 33cl 6.5%
Spirit Animal Loquat Elderflower Cloudwater Brew Co 75cl 4.6% (V)
IPL Ekuanot Cashmere Indian Pale Lager Cloudwater Brew Co 44cl 6.0% (V)
DDH Pale Centennial Mosaic Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale Cloudwater Brew Co 44cl 5.5% (V)
DDH Pale Citra BBC Mosaic Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale Cloudwater Brew Co 44cl 5.5% (V)
DDH Pale Citra Ekuanot Mosaic Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale Cloudwater Brew Co 44cl 5.5% (V)
One Trick Pil Pil German Style Weiss Cloudwater x Basqueland 44cl 6.5%
Daura Damm Gluten free lager beer Daura 33cl 5.4% (G)
Soup IPA Garage Beer 44cl 6.0%
Dreamlining New England style pale ale Garage Beer 44cl 4.2%
Apricots DDH Apricot DIPA Garage Beer 44cl 7.5%
Grom West Coast Session IPA Gipsy Hill 44cl 4.5%
Hepcat Hepcat DIPA Gipsy Hill 44cl 7.5%
Mixer Pineapple Gose Gipsy Hill 44cl 5.0%
Daisy Cutter pale ale Half Acre 48.7cl 5.2% (V)
Tuna extra pale ale Half Acre 48.7cl 4.7%
Vallejo ipa Half Acre 48.7cl 6.7%
Deep Space double ipa Half Acre 48.7cl 10.0%
Dungeons IPA Half Acre 48.7cl 7.0%
Hitachino nest Japanese White Ale Hitachino Brewing Lab 40cl 5.5%
French Revelation Bretan style keeved Cider Hogans 44cl 4.8% (V) (G)
Libertine Rich, tannic Cider Hogans 50cl 6.2% (V) (G)
Jupiler Pils Belgian Lager Jupiler 33cl 5.2%
Jupiler Pure Blonde Low Calorie Lager Jupiler 33cl 3.1%
Koko Brown Toasted Coconut Brown Ale Kona 35.5cl 5.5%
Hanalei IPA Kona 35.5cl 4.5%
gold cliff Pineapple IPA Kona 35.5cl 7.2%
Leffe Blond Pale Abbey Beer Leffe 33cl 6.6%
Leffe Ruby Red Abbey Beer Leffe 33cl 5.0%
House Party Session pale ale Lervig 33cl 4.5%
Orange Velvet DDH Orange Milkshake IPA Lervig 33cl 6.0%
Kriek Cherry Lambik Lindemans 37.5cl 3.5%
Little Creatures Pale Pale Ale Little Creatures 33cl 5.2%
Keller pils Pilsner Lost & Grounded 33cl 4.8%
Common Grounds Triple Coffee Porter Magic Rock 33cl 5.4% (V)
Salty Kiss Fruit Infused Gose Magic Rock 33cl 4.1% (V)
Dancing Bear German Lager Magic Rock 33cl 4.5%
El Gingero Double Orange & Ginger oatmeal stout Magic Rock 33cl 7.5%
Robots Vs Clowns IPL Magic rock x Gigantic 33cl 5.3%
Things you Cant Unsee Modern Yorkshire Bitter Magic Rock x North Brew Co 50cl 4.4%
Mongozo Banana fruit beer Mongozo 33cl 3.6%
Mongozo Coconut fruit beer Mongozo 33cl 3.6%
Zymurgorium Black Hop Gin Northern Monk 50cl 30.0% (V)
PBJ2 Peanut butter & Jelly Brown Ale Northern Monk x Against the Grain 33cl 7.0%
Longhorn IPA Purity 33cl 5.0%
Lawless unfiltered lager Purity 33cl 4.5%
Saddleblack Black Ipa Purity 33cl 5.8%
Longhammer IPA Redhook 35.5cl 6.2%
Rothaus Tannenzple Alcohol free pilsner Rothaus 33cl < 0.50% (V) (G)
Rothaus Hefeweizen Alkoholfrei Non-Alcoholic Wheat Beer Rothaus 50cl < 0.50%
Tannenzapfle Pils German Pilsner Rothaus 33cl 5.1% (V) (G)
Eisz├Ąpfle Export strength ice cooled Pilsner Rothaus 33cl 5.6% (V) (G)
Three Little Fonzies Peaches & Cream IPA Siren Craft Brew 33cl 7.2%
The Sky Was Pink IPA with Hibiscus Siren Craft Brew 33cl 6.4%
Kir Royale Pale Ale Blackcurrant IPA Tiny Rebal 33cl 6.2%
Cwtch Welsh Red Ale Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.0%
Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.2% (V)
Clwb Tropicana Tropical IPA Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.5%
Cali American Pale Ale Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.0% (V)
Frambuzi Raspberry Sour Framboise Tiny Rebel 33 cl 4.3%
Orange Mocha Frapp Stout Orange Mocha Frapp Stout Tiny Rebel 33cl 7.0%
Great Cornholio Double rye IPA Tiny Rebel 33cl 8.4%
Bo'Ho Bohemian Unfiltered Lager Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.0%
Gin & Juice Botanical pale ale Tiny rebel 33cl 4.5%
Imperial puft Chocolate Chocolate porter Tiny Rebel 33cl 9.0%
Peaches & Cream IPA Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.5%
Dutty Vermont IPA Tiny Rebel 33cl 4.2%
Cwtch Gin Botanical Gin Tiny Rebel 75cl 42.0%
Dutty Gin Botanical Gin Tiny Rebel 75cl 42.0%
Clwb Tropicana Gin Tropical Gin Tiny Rebel 75cl 42.0%
Mosaic Milkshake Creamy IPA Tiny Rebel 33cl 4.2%
Fields Forever Strawberry and Vanilla NEIPA Tiny rebel x Northern Monk 33cl 6.5%
Pseudo Sue APA Toppling Goliath 44cl 6.8%
Vedett Extra Blonde Premium Lager Vedett 33cl 5.2%
Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA Smooth IPA Vedett 33cl 5.5%
Lightbulb Extra Pale Ale Verdant 44cl 4.5% (V)
Today i will walk In The Sun Lemon IPA Verdant 44cl 6.5% (V)
Headband Pale Ale Verdant 44cl 5.50% (V)
Ninkasi Belgian Style Saison Wild Beer 75cl 9.0% (V)
Millionaire Chocolate/Caramel Milk Stout Wild Beer 33cl 4.7%
Beyond Modus Blended Sour Red Ale Wild Beer 75cl 7.7% (V)
Fruitbooter raspberry sour Wild beer 33cl 5.7%
Jambo Imperial stout with raspberries & choc Wild Beer 75cl 8.5%
Rooting Around - Winter Saesonal Pine Red Beer Wild Beer 33cl 7.0%
Breakfast Of Champignons Mushroom Beer Wild Beer 33cl 4.1%
Ghost Zapper Foudre aged sour Wild Beer x Magic Rock 33cl 5.4%
The Amber Post Classic Amber Ale Windmill Hill Brewing Co 50cl 4.5%
American Session IPA American Style IPA Windmill Hill Brewing Co 50cl 4.0%
Pump Room Porter Porter Windmill Hill Brewing Co 50cl 4.00%