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Craft Beer at Underboard - Leamington Spa's best beer selection.

This is a list of the craft beers currently available at Underboard - Updated on 17th February 2019. 

Name What Is It? Brewery Size ABV% Vegan (V) Gluten Free (G)
Cristal Hoppige Pils Belgian Lager Alken 33cl 5.0%
Hoi Polloi Pilsner Alphabet Brewing 33cl 4.8%
Charlie Don't Surf Session IPA Alphabet Brewing 33cl 4.0%
Small Packages Table Beer Alphabet Brewing 33cl 2.8%
Neck Oil Session IPA Beavertown 33cl 4.3% (V)
Gamma Ray American Pale Ale Beavertown 33cl 5.4% (V)
Lupuloid IPA Beavertown 33cl 6.7% (V)
Smog Rocket Smoked Porter Beavertown 33cl 5.4% (V)
Birds Of A Feather Biere de Coupage Sour Beer Beavertown 37.5cl 6.2%
Heavy Water Imperial Stout with Raspberry and Vanilla Beavertown 33cl 10.4%
Sunshine Pale Citrus Pale with Honey, Lemon and Lime Beavertown x Against The Grain 33cl 5.0%
Delirium Nocturnum Belgian Strong Ale Brouwerij Huyghe 33cl 8.5% (V)
Daura Damm Gluten-Free Lager Daura 33cl 5.4% (V) (G)
Sheet 33 Cinnamon & Vanilla Porter Garage Beer 44cl 6.8%
Beatnik Pale Ale Gipsy Hill 33cl 3.8%
Libertine Cider Hogans 50cl 6.2% (V) (G)
Jupiler Pils Belgian Lager Jupiler 33cl 5.2%
Koko Brown Toasted Coconut Brown Ale Kona 35.5cl 5.5%
Gold cliff Pineapple IPA Kona 35.5cl 7.2%
Dark Orbit Porter Lervig 33cl 7.0%
Little Creatures Pale Pale Ale Little Creatures 33cl 5.2%
Keller pils Pilsner Lost & Grounded 33cl 4.8% (V)
Madamin Sour Oak Amber Ale LoverBeer 37.5cl 7.7%
Common Grounds Coffee Porter Magic Rock 33cl 5.4% (V)
Fantasma Gluten Free Pale Ale Magic Rock 33cl 6.5% (V) (G)
Inhaler Juicy Pale Ale Magic Rock 33cl 4.5% (V)
High Wire Grapefruit Grapefruit IPA Magic Rock 33cl 5.5% (V)
Salty Kiss Fruit Infused Gose Magic Rock 33cl 4.1% (V)
Rapture Red Hop Ale Magic Rock 33cl 4.6% (V)
Cannonball IPA Magic Rock 33cl 7.4% (V)
Dark Arts Surreal Stout Magic Rock 33cl 6.00% (V)
Saucery Session IPA Magic Rock 33cl 3.9% (V)
Big Dipper Double IPA Magic Rock x Cloudwater 50cl 8.3%
Some Might Say Hoppy Session IPA Manchester Brewing Co 33cl 4.4%
Mongozo Banana Fruit Beer Mongozo 33cl 3.6%
Mongozo Coconut Fruit Beer Mongozo 33cl 3.6%
Longhorn IPA Purity 33cl 5.0% (V)
Lawless Unfiltered Lager Purity 33cl 4.5% (V)
Rothaus Tannenzple Alkoholfrei Non-Alcoholic Pilsner Rothaus 33cl < 0.50% (V) (G)
Tannenzapfle Pils German Pilsner Rothaus 33cl 5.1% (V) (G)
Kir Royale Pale Ale Blackcurrant IPA Tiny Rebal 33cl 6.2%
Cwtch Welsh Red Ale Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.0% (V)
Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.2%
Clwb Tropicana Tropical IPA Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.5% (V)
Cali American Pale Ale Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.0% (V)
Imperial puft Chocolate Chocolate porter Tiny Rebel 33cl 9.0%
Peaches & Cream IPA Tiny Rebel 33cl 5.5%
Frambuzi Raspberry sour Tiny Rebel 33cl 4.3% (V)
Dutty Hazy Vermont Style IPA Tiny Rebel 33cl 4.20% (V)
Not So Imperial Mocha Vanilla Shot Stout Low Alcohol Coffee Stout Tiny Rebel x Big Drop 44cl 0.5%
DDH Pils Double Dry Hopped Pilsner Tiny Rebel x Fourpure 44cl 5.0%
Grindstone APA Hoppy American Pale Ale Windmill Hill Brewing Co 50cl 4.5%
Malthouse Dormouse Golden Ale Windmill Hill Brewing Co 50cl 3.6%
Chesterton IPA IPA Windmill Hill Brewing Co 50cl 4.2%
Pump Room Porter Porter Windmill Hill Brewing Co 50cl 4.0%
American Session IPA IPA Windmill Hill Brewing Co 50cl 4.5%
The Amber Post Amber Ale Windmill Hill Brewing Co 50cl 4.0%