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You Are Deadpool - get it now!

Jim MortonComment

A choose your own adventure comic book starring Deadpool (as controlled by you)? Yes really - and it is here right now, so get grab a copy, have a dice handy and brace yourselves.

Here’s the marketing spiel:

“Have you ever wanted to be Deadpool? If you have, then we recommend you see a psychiatrist. Otherwise, here's your chance! This ain't no ordinary comicbook, this is also a role-playing adventure where you are the (not) hero, Deadpool! You keep track of your score adventure by adventure. You roll dice to battle indescribable foes. You travel through Marvel history as the Merc with a Mouth and meet the Hulk in the swinging 60s! Smell Man-Thing in the psychedelic 70s, and encounter Daredevil in the hard-boiled 80s. Success or failure is yours to decide!”

Grab a copy now!