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For Gifts That Keep Giving - Make it Underboard

Jim MortonComment

Even an esoteric, remote (well, just off the High Street) outpost of cult commercial activity like Underboard has to pay heed to the commercial calendar of the UK. So today, Saturday 13th October, a windy, but sunny Autumn day with the temperature at 21 degrees and rising - it is time to come to terms with the fact that Christmas is here.

While I'm try to persuade a certain Mr Cornwall Jones into a Santa suit, we have a few interesting festive items in store - details in the relevant section below.

Of course, we like to think that everyday is Christmas at Underboard which is why we have a store stuffed with all sorts of ace stuff that make perfect gifts for:

  • Significant & insignificant others

  • Parents, step-parents and people that you wish were your parents

  • People you would like to get off with

  • People you have got off with

  • People that you are firmly keeping in the friend zone

  • That geezer from work that you have been lumbered with the leaving collection for.

  • Hard to please adult children.

  • Your overly competitive friend.

  • The mysterious stranger who saved you from the wreckage of that burning airship.

  • Difficult to bribe local officials.

  • Yourself, let's be honest - you deserve it after the week you've had.

These days you can also engage with us digitally via the wonder of the world wide web - check out what we have in stock and purchase for pick up at your convenience...


From the Storij Designs stable (it isn't actually a stable) comes a whole load of ace Christmas Cards featuring iconic christmas themed architectural designs  from Die Hard and Home Alone 2. There's also a very special, strictly limited edition ROCKing Robin card and matching wrapping paper. More of this sort of stuff soon.

After a thoughful and cleverly curated gift bundle, but really don't have the time to be thoughtful and clever. Never fear - Underboard gift bundles are here to help, come and check out the expanding range of themed bundles we've just introduced pulling together books and films. More bundles with a wider range of items coming soon - if you'd like us to make one for someone give us a theme and a budget and we'll sort it for you.

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