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Jim's Fashion Tips #1 - Accessories.

Jim MortonComment

A lot of people say to me, “Jim, just what is the secret of cool fashion”, to which I generally reply: “Don’t ask me - I increasingly look like one of the Avery family from Making A Murderer”. But as it comes up so often, I felt I should do some research.

It turns out that there are two secrets to looking super cool:

1 - Be born super rich to supermodel parents.

2 - Choose your accessories with great care.

We can’t help you with number one (well not in any way that I can go into here) but we can certainly give you some support on the accessories front.

Underboard currently has a range of swish enamel pins (that you can find on our website), including the semi-legendary ‘Life Finds A Way’. We also have a range of locally handmade silver necklaces by Jennerbelle, accessories made from recycled skateboards by Thrashion, hundreds of cool and unique badges from the Underground Badge dept and all manner of bags, purses and geeky jewellery fun by Storij Designs.

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