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Cafe Racer: Coffee and vanilla porter - with a hint of danger!

Sam Cornwall-Jones

We’re not sure what the dangerous component of this super new porter from Fierce Beer is. But to be on the safe side we recommend refraining from any already dangerous activities while drinking it, in case the additional hint pushes you over the edge.

So put down that chainsaw, back away from the lion enclosure and enjoy another fine craft beer from your safety conscious friends at Underboard.


“A nod to the speed-crazed bikers who risked life and limb to race from one greasy spoon café to the next – dark as your favourite leathers, smooth as a Triumph Bonneville and crazy as going ton-up and heading for the hairpin.”

Cafe Racer is Vegan Friendly. 6.5% ABV

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.56.32.png