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Order beer on the internet

Christine Cuddihy

The internet can sometimes seem a very barren place. A virtual desert, full of tumbleweed formed of baby-pictures, the remains of Nike-branded maps of how far superior people have run/cartwheeled/jet-skied this week, and memes of old, small-handed men discarding umbrellas outside the doors of their private jets.


That’s right. With a website already bursting at the seams with books, films, games and vintage movie posters, we’ve now added our full collection of beers* for you to buy online and pick up from the shop whenever you please.

What are you waiting for?!

*Valid proof-of-age ID required on collection, if you’re lucky enough to look under 25.

“Look what I ordered from Underboard, Mum!”

“Look what I ordered from Underboard, Mum!”