Independent Drink + Culture + Entertainment Store in Leamington Spa

Underboard Dining Club

Jim Morton

Do you like eating?

Do you like drinking?

Do you like to combine the two?

Do you like to do it outdoors?

You are in luck.

Underboard presents a pre-Christmas excuse to grab some top notch street food, washed down with the finest craft beers known to man.*

On consecutive Sundays, the 9th and 16th of December we have arranged for the car park on Leamington Spa's Court Street, right across the road from our shop to become a smorgasbord of outdoor culinary delights and liquid refreshments.

We have a number of very tasty vendors lined up - to be revealed this week - but there is still room for more. If you are a street food vendor and would like to get in on the action, please contact Sam Cornwall Jones via email (mail@underboardshop.com) or drop Underboard a shout using any method you like.

* the man in question has confirmed that this is completely true.