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New Party Game Action

Jim Morton

We've got some brand new and somewhat edgy party game action in the shop. Just the thing for bringing a bit a fun - and maybe the occasional fist fight to the festive period.

First up we've re-stocked the semi-legendary Cards Against Humanity - the party game for horrible people. You will learn just how twisted the minds of your nearest and dearest are when you play this game. Also you will laugh a lot.

Also in store is Pick Your Poison, specifically the NSFW edition, so don't buy this for your kids, unless they are particularly emotionally mature. This game involves each person having to choose between two genuinely shameful alternatives - wildly entertaining stuff.

Finally we have the exercise in democratic abuse that is The Voting Game. Each round involves voting on which of the other players matches a statement drawn from a large stack of randomly amusing statements. Definitely one to play when you've had a few drinks and all the sharp objects have been removed from the room.