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Black Friday Lucky Dip

Jim Morton

Celebrate wild and unfettered capitalism with the return of Underboard's fabled lucky dip - not at all cynically timed to coincide with the festival of consumerism that is Black Friday.

Black Friday Lucky Dip.png

From noon on Wednesday 21st until close of play on Sunday 25th, for every £10 you spend in store you will get to draw a ticket, this ticket will guarantee you a prize from a wide selection of cool items lurking behind the counter, there will be books, games, films, art, badges and other ace stuff ready to be won.

So spend £20 and get two free things, spend £50 and get five - you get the idea: the more you spend the more free stuff you walk away with.

If you want to plan ahead - you can check out a whole load of the stuff we have available via our web store.

NOTE: This promotion is for in-store sales only.