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Advertise Underboard and You Could Win £50

Jim Morton

Are you an undiscovered creative genius?
Do you have a ridiculously large number of social media friends/followers/subscribers?
Would you like to potentially make £50 without having to leave the house?

As we are sick of punting money to evil multi-nationals for our online advertising, Underboard has decided is offering £50 to the person that can make the most effective online advert for our shop.

Your advert could be anything - a Youtube video, some kind of post on instagram, facebook or twitter, an article on a blog or some cunning multimedia/skywriting mashup, but it needs to be online and there has to be a way of seeing how widely shared/liked/viewed/retweeted it is.

The creator of the advert that has gained the most views, likes, shares etc by the 21st December 2018 gets £50 in cold hard cash. Ideal for last minute Christmas shopping, or ensuring you are properly hungover for when your dad starts going on about brexit being ace.

The rules:

1- Things you should do:

Include Underboard Info: Use the Underboard name or logo at some point, mention that Underboard is an Independent Drink, Culture and Entertainment Store in Leamington Spa and include web/social media links in some way.
Let us know: You need to tag us in some way so that we can see your ad and how well it is doing - or message/email us to let us know about it.
Go Viral: In the marketing sense, not the getting diseases sense.

2- Things that you mustn’t do:

Don’t be horrible: You can be as creative, weird, edgy, sweary and outlandish as you like, but your advert must not use any defamatory, racist, homophobic, misogynist language or imagery. No crazy violence or pornography either.
Don’t get us in trouble: You can’t make any promises or offers on behalf of Underboard.
Don’t rip off anyone: You can’t use any material that is subject to copyright in your advert (so no Shania Twain music - you know who you are!).

3- If you are under 16, you must have the permission of your parent or guardian to take part in this competition.

4- If you don’t do the things that you should do, or you do any of the things that you mustn’t do, then you won’t be able to win the prize.

5- Your advert must have a minimum of 250 actual engagements (likes, retweets, shares, youtube plays etc) to win the prize.

6- On or around 21st December 2018 we will work out which has generated the most likes/views/shares etc and the winning creator will get £50 which you can pick up from the shop, or we will send to you via paypal.

Links To Underboard:

Web: www.underboardshop.com
Email: mail@underboardshop.com
Instagram: @Underboard_shop
Twitter: @Underboard_shop
Facebook: @UnderboardShopLeam