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Craft Beers, Festive Cheers!

Jim Morton

Our beer room is stocked up ready to help you through the festive period…

The return of the now legendary Soup IPA from the Garage Beer Co. - We've managed to snag a bigger consignment than usual of this insanely popular beer so dive in a treat yourself to a couple.

From Tiny Rebel we have the almost ludicrously tasty and tempting Pump Up The Jam, a wildly fun 5% jam doughnut pale ale. One member of Underboard staff who shall remain nameless sank several pints of this recently and it took us two days just to get the smile off her face.

Big 500ml bottles from local brew heroes Windmill Hill have arrived including a re-stock of the always popular Pump Room Porter - as well as their strong classic British Ale, Chesterton IPA and The Malthouse Dormouse, brewed in conjunction with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. It’s an easy going golden ale with a light hoppy taste with hints of Citrus and Orange. MMMmmmm.

More local action in the form of a rather super, vegan and gluten free Session IPA from Purity brewing - 4.5% and in big 500ml cans (so you won't have to go back to the fridge too often).

Also re-stocked is the super smooth Dairyfreak Milk Ice Porter by Magic Rock. Please don't buy it all at once. I want some.