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Payday? Wa-hey! The Coen Brothers, Cthulhu & Chocolate Stout.

Jim Morton

Underboard Re-Up 025

Just had a sudden influx of funds? Bank account suddenly uncomfortably full? Looking to end the last couple of weeks of financially imposed austerity measures?

Head down to Underboard where we will happily swap you hard earned (or even half-arsed, lazily earned) cash for all manner of far more entertaining informative and thirst quenching alternatives.

Craft Beer

Fans of the dark side won't want to miss out on Jambo from the Wild Beer Company. This imperial Stout with chocolate and raspberry weighs in at 8.5% and is available in hearty 50cl bottles.

We've also had a healthy re-stock of popular beers including Peaches & Cream IPA and Dutty from Tiny Rebel as well as Inhaler, Cannonball, High Wire Grapefruit and the gluten free Fantasma all from Magic Rock - with some funky new can designs!

Fans of beer from down under can also wet their whistle with Little Creatures Pale Ale. Fair Dinkum!

Books & Films

New for fans of both books and films is the impressive Coen Brothers: This Book Really Ties The Films Together by Adam Nayman. A hefty, comprehensive and beautifully put together piece of work, this is a must for fans of the filmmakers.

If you're more into the dark, eldritch, tentacled nightmare from another dimension side of things then you'll definitely be interested in the HP Lovecraft Anthology that has just joined our graphic novel dept (which already includes At The Mountains of Madness).