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Japanese Chirashi Posters Imminent

Jim MortonComment

We've just had delivery of a bunch of ace Japanese mini film posters. These cool items, known as 'Chirashi' are brilliant bijou items for the film fan looking for some cool and unique memorabilia but without blowing your finances or having a massive bit of blank wall.

Measuring just 18cm x 26cm these posters are easy and cost effective to get framed and always catch the eye with their Kanji typography and often unique designs for well known films.

We've got a wide range of these ace posters which will be on sale this week, starting at just 50p!

Come and check them out in store, or some will be available to browse in our online film poster department.

In the meantime check out the angry stylings of Charlie Bronson in this fine example for the original Death Wish...

death wish chirashi.JPG