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Students: Shop at Underboard for a Free Pot Noodle or Toilet Roll

Christine Cuddihy

We are excited to announce a very special offer to welcome new and returning students to Leamington this year.

From Friday 14 September, we will be offering a free toilet roll (quilted) or Pot Noodle with every student purchase over £5.*

Paling in comparison, we also offer 10% off to all students with a valid student ID on books and films.

Underboard is Leamington’s number one destination to acquire a unique combination of essentials, including:

  1. Craft beer. Contains precious nutrients.**

  2. Essential homeware. Mostly includes sweary chopping boards and/or dinosaur shaped bottle openers.

  3. Games. Make new friends and then lose them because you chose the most offensive Cards Against Humanity combination.

  4. Books. Lots and lots of books, including art, design, film and very reasonable vintage classics (reasonable in price, not in content).

  5. Films. Everything from cult cinema to impress your new date, to ‘what the fuck’ classics.

  6. Art and design. To spruce up your new pad, or even yourself.

*While stocks last - beat the rush and get yours early!

**Please note that beer does not contain many precious nutrients, due to no fault of our own.