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New Beer - The Sky was Pink

Christine Cuddihy

Beer delivery day at Underboard is always a treat, and this week is no exception. We’ve got in some new craft brews from the likes of Tiny Rebel, Wild Beer, Siren, Magic Rock and Beavertown.

Being the totally selfless people that we are, we’ve tried all of our new arrivals just to make sure they’re all ace. Among our favourites this week is The Sky was Pink, the result of a collaboration between Siren and Deya. Definitely pour this - no chugging or daintily sipping from the bottle - the beer has an inviting cloudy pink grapefruit colour that you need to enjoy. The colour comes from hibiscus, which brings with it subtle floral notes to complement the uplifting, juicy freshness from Manderina and Hallertau Blanc hoppiness.

Conclusion: this beer is seriously drinkable. Get it while you can...

The Sky was Pink | IPA by Siren x Deya | 6.4% ABV | 330ml bottle