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New Pop Culture Art at Underboard

Jim Morton
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We've got a variety of great new ways to level up the artistic content of your house/flat/room/shed.

Just up on the wall at the shop are a selection of comic book inspired originals by Ed Crayton (a.k.a. @popicsart) featuring a trio of Spiderman(s) and the dynamic pairing of Deadpool and Captain America.

Resident art genius Christine Cuddihy has just delivered a new selection of original drawings drawn from all sorts of popular and cult movies. My personal favourite is the sensitive rendering of the boardroom scene from Robocop - but the scenes from The Matrix, The Room and Moonrise Kingdom are all brilliant too. As these pieces range from just £15 to £30, it means you can get your hands on some ace original art for not much money!

Also from the Cuddihy artistic powerhouse, there is a new A2 poster collecting all of her A-Z celebrity pictures together - and don't forget the ever popular Jeff Goldblum Pin and Art Kino book which you can pickup from the web site too.

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