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Zombies, Killer Sharks and Rampaging Monsters on Your Table Top

Jim Morton

New to our tabletop games dept this week, all available to buy in store or on line...

Highlander The Board Game - Top notch tabletop immortal battling game - Live many lives, master no accents and then try not to get your head lopped off. Queen soundtrack optional. For 2-6 players.

Shark Island - One of you plays as the shark, just doing your deadly shark thing, the rest are trying to stop you, like a bunch of Quints, Hoopers and Brodys. Feel free to show off your scars if you like. For 2-5 players.

Kaiju Crush - Play as a gang of monsters smashing up a city - thing Godzilla meets Rampage, but with less smashed glass and (probably) less people getting eaten. For 1-4 Players.

The X Files Conspiracy Theory - Take turns at working out the truth of a wild conspiracy theory and then vote to determine the truth (which is out there) - for a gang of 3-8 players.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Based on the tv show (based in turn on the Douglas Adams books), you must work out whether holistic detection, or just err normal detection is the best to solve a criminal case. For 3-8 players.

The Walking Dead No Sanctuary - Zombie survival game for 1-4 players based on scenarios from the TV show includes rather cool miniatures. Involve a clever leadership dynamic where one of the players is in charge and everyone has to decide whether to support them - so plenty of relationship building/destroying potential there.

And making a welcome return:

The Ricks Must Be Crazy: Rick & Morty Multiverse Game: Take on the roles of Rick, Morty, Zeep, and Kyle and introduce wondrous  Power-making technology to the worlds you’ve created ... and then steal  most of it for yourself. That is, if your opponents don’t get to it  first! For 2-4 players

Breaking Bad: The Board Game - Build your empire and make that blue meth, or play as the law andtry to shut down the blue meth action. Either way there will be blue meth involved - and someone will knock. for 3-8 players.