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Movie Poster Sale

Jim Morton

Here is something to cheer up a cold and grey January - Underboard is knocking 50% off all of our stock of ace vintage film posters from all around the worlds. This bargain offer runs from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th January.

You can check out all of the posters we currently have online at: https://underboardshop.selz.com/categories/vintage-movie-posters

You can purchase online for pickup from the shop - or if you’d like to inspect before purchase give us a shout.

So come and grab some ace, original movie art starting from just £6!

Some highlights:

39 Steps - Original Italian poster. £15

The Elephant Man - Original Australian Poster. £20

Beetlejuice - Original Spanish Poster. £20

Cannibal Holocaust 2 - Original Italian Poster. £15

The Omen - Original Italian Poster. £47.50

Dune - Original French Poster. 12.50