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It's Our Birthday & We'll Give Stuff Away If We Want To

Jim Morton
first birthday lucky dip.png

Time flies when you are having fun, makes fools of us all and - along with its mate the tide - waits for no man.

I'm not really sure what any of that means, but I do know that it has been a whole year since we opened Underboard - back in the heady days of February 2018 - a more innocent time when Bitcoin was booming, Aretha Franklin was still alive and Elon Musk had yet to accuse anyone being a paedophile.

To celebrate the fact that we have been able to keep the show on the road for a whole year, we've decided to hold another of our world famous lucky dip events.

From midday on Friday to 4pm on Sunday, for every £10 you spend in store, you will receive an exciting random prize via a thrilling lucky dip mechanism.

Don't forget, you can browse and buy for pickup or delivery from our online shop as well, just the thing for those indisposed by family occasions, unfortunate sporting accidents or lengthy custodial sentences.