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(No) Blur vs Oasis

Jim Morton

Ace new beers have arrived at Underboard today, bringing memories of mid 90's indie music rivalry back to my age addled mind.

In one corner we have the none-more-Manchester, Some Might Say session IPA from Manchester Brewing Co, a hoppy 4.4% affair. In the other, we have Alphabet Brewing's Small Packages, a marvellous table beer which clocks in at a very reasonable, hangover reducing 2.8%.

So its (No) Blur vs Oasis - can you see what I did there? What? You're under 35 and have no idea what I'm talking about? Oh. Well, put it this way, we have two tasty new beers, which you are going to definitely enjoy.

In other exciting new beer news we have a dazzling collaboration between Beavertown and Against The Grain in the form of Sunshine Pale - a crisp, refreshing pale ale with honey, lemon and lime at 5% in dazzling cans!

Keep up to date with the rest of the beer currently in stock at Underboard on our web site.