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Underboard V.P.A. - Vapable Pale Ale

Jim Morton

Today we are delighted to announce that we are launching what we believe to be the world’s first fully vapable series of fine craft beers. These are not just flavoured e-liquids - they are actual beers, carefully brewed and refined to atomise perfectly for a unique and rich vapour that must be experienced to be believed!

We’ve been working on this since late 2017, with experts from the aerosol liquid faculty at the University of Kyoto along with local brewers from right here in Leamington Spa - making Underboard V.P.A. a truly international enterprise.

Three varieties are available at launch, with more to arrive in the coming weeks.

Minor Strike - 3.6% - A vibrant, hop forward session ale, with a citrus nose and strong malt bitterness. Price: £3.50 per 120mm bottle.

Castor Troy - 5.2% - A solid IPA. Huge biscuit base, edgy sour notes and a tropical finish. Price: £5.00 per 120mm bottle.

Uncle Chop Chop - 11.2% - A massive DDH DIPA. Pine aroma and amazingly smooth on the finish. Price: £7 per 120mm bottle.

Underboard V.P.A. is only available from Underboard - Click here to order on-line or for wholesale/trade info.

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