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Underboard Donkey Kong Contest!

Jim Morton
donkey kong contest.png

This week we are running our first old-school arcade challenge at Underboard. Prove your retro gaming skill at the legendary barrel-jumping, damsel-rescuing game Donkey Kong and you could win yourself a six pack of excellent craft beers as well as a one-off, unique badge proclaiming your champion status.

To enter the contest please follow these simple steps:

  1. Get yourself to Underboard between Wednesday 10th and Sunday 14th April.

  2. Buy something - no minimum value, we have things on sale for as little as a quid - but have a look round, there is a load of cool stuff in stock at the moment.

  3. Tell us what your three letter high score name will be.

  4. Enjoy two free games of Donkey Kong on our extremely cool arcade machine.

  5. Get the best score you possibly can.

  6. If you get on the high score table, stick your name in, let us know and get the good news on the internet asap to gain international respect.

  7. At close of play on Sunday (4pm) we will post the results up on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and potentially using a skywriting aeroplane.

  8. If you are the winner, dive in next week and grab your beer.

As the prize is beer, you need to be 18 or over to enter.