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Violent Femmes

Jim Morton

In the new batch of films that have just got in we have a number of (in some cases very literally) cracking titles that celebrate the brutally violent nature of women.

Full Toss

Jim Morton

The wait is over - the Modern Toss beer has arrived. We’ve got the refreshing Horse Piss Lager and the dark and rich Space Stout. Limited stock, so come and grab some soon.

The definitive Coen Brothers book

Christine Cuddihy

Picture the scene. You’re in the pub with friends, having your weekly argument about who loves the work of the Coen Brothers more. But this week you’ve come armed. Armed with the definitive exploration of the Coen’s films, in the form of a frankly massive, stunning copy of The Coen Brothers: This Book Really Ties The Films Together.

Vintage Paperback Special Offer

Jim Morton

This weekend we want to help expand you literary world with a little vintage paperback action. Spend £10 or more at Underboard this weekend and get yourself a free vintage paperback - we've got all sorts of crazy and interesting stuff to choose from.